Thursday, February 14, 2008

SPE 0.8.4.c Python IDE editor released

As SPE was being developed for more than a year in subversion, I thought it is time for a release again. This is a major bugfix release. It ships updated plugins and also some new features, especially if you use Linux or Blender, for which Witold did a great job. Thanks to the big help of MOTU pochu, this is added to Ubuntu Hardy. I would also like to thank in particular the webhost for their support and patience.

New features:
  • new versions of WinPdb debugger, PyChecker, wxGlade & XRCed gui designer
  • clear output pane
  • support for wxPython 2.8
  • linux support for nautilus, gnome-terminal, konqueror, konsole, thunar
  • improved blender support up to 2.45 (by Witold)
  • sidebar sash more tolerant
  • show path in title (linux)
  • run with filename with spaces
  • nicer debug dialog box
  • kill process fix
  • notebook
  • insert signature
  • numpad keys (by isolationism)
  • find tab with nonexisting files
  • add environment to (linux)
  • better warning for documentation for unsaved files
  • better handling of new empty files
  • many more...
Installing on Debian(unstable) and Ubuntu Hardy:
sudo apt-get install spe
Installing on all other platforms:
  1. Download either the zip or tar ball from here
  2. Unzip it where you want and do NOT rename the _spe folder
  3. Start SPE from within the _spe folder with "python"


  1. If you've been running from SVN is there any real reason to jump to this instead of continuing to use the development code?

  2. No not at all. I strongly recommend running from subversion as it will always be the latest and best version of spe. For many people subversion doesn't work, so they can now download the archive.

  3. SPE is back from now in Archlinux

  4. Hi Nicos,
    Great to hear! If you are the packager for Archlinux, you can always contact me directly. In the beginning of March I'll release probably SPE 0.8.4.c which mainly improves performance and makes SPE less cpu hungry. This is version is already in svn.

    PS Is Phatch already in Archlinux?

  5. Yes I am from now :)

    For next version of SPE, I'll keep an eye of the blog so that I can update the version available for Arch.

    For Phatch that I did not know so far, it looks it is :

  6. hi Synaptic (on Ubuntu 7.0.4) shows I have spe version 0.8.2

    where/How can I get & install the lastest ?


  7. spe: Depends: pychecker (>= 0.8.17-5) but 0.8.17-3 is to be installed

    What's the dealio?q

  8. @peter

    You're right: file a bug here:

  9. Hello !

    SPE is best !
    Good work , man and thanks for this soft !

    Have a nice day !

  10. Great work stani!
    Just two quick notes:
    1) In the 'about' the homepage link doesn't point to an existing page
    2) Sometimes when I do copy/paste it does weird things. Like pasting numbers. Sometimes it doesn't copy at all. I noticed if you keep the Ctrl+C pressed slightly longer it works fine... Do you know anything about this?

  11. really good work, i enjoy this application as my primary python IDE

  12. oh also RFE: to be able to hide side and bottom panels kind of like how eclipse does it with the quick show.


  13. WTF ? is Stani abducted by space aliens ???
    How about visit your own blog once in a while

  14. @stokes:
    You can hide the sidebar and bottom pane with the view menu or toolbar buttons.

    As an Ubuntu user you should know that no new software is added to Gutsy now. The latest version will be available in Hardy. In gutsy you just download the latest release package, unzip it and run from the _spe folder (do not rename it):

  15. Hi guys,

    I have created the package of latest SPE for Mac OS X.

    You can download it here:

    You can install now SPE in your Macintosh in a way you do with native applcation.
    Simply mount the DMG and drag the SPE to Applications folder.

    Another advantage is, that now SPE will have its own icon in dock, like any application in Mac.

    Have fun.

  16. @krystov:
    Wow, that is fantastic news! I have been waiting for ages that a mac user would step up for this. Please contact me by email at somewhere at I'd like to distribute it through the official channels.
    Also I am preparing a next release. It would be nice if we are in contact.

  17. Hi Stani,
    On windowsXp, SPE 0.8.4.d (subversion 313 and 315) fails opening Pychecker and Kiki.
    If I call kiki I just get nothing. It doesnt come.
    Asking for a Pycheck gives:
    >>> Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:\Python25\lib\site-packages\_spe\", line 521, in menu_test_regular_expression_with_kiki
    File "C:\Python25\lib\site-packages\_spe\", line 829, in test_regular_expression_with_kiki
    AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'speCreate'

    In both cases the problem is, I think, the import of this modules from /plugins. In the actual code the corresponding import lines have been modified from version c.

    Last thing (and diferent):
    with a file containing just:
    from pylab import figure
    Pycheker hangs. It is a Pychecler problem?

    Good job


  18. Hello Stani

    I'm trying to download your editor or intall it usin SVN but yor server is down

  19. Hi, I am new in Python, SPE Python IDE can use to create one application web interface? working in the browser install the application in the server and the client use the browser. tellme please

  20. Is there a way to enable the copying of text to the clipboard from the Output pane? I'll hack code if I have to. Thanks for a great IDE!

  21. I hacked to enable text copy. Here's my mods...

    In Output.Execute method add:

    In Output class add:

    def Copy(self, event):
    if wx.TheClipboard.Open():
    if not wx.TheClipboard.SetData(wx.TextDataObject(self.SelectionToText())):
    print _("Data can't be copied to clipboard.")
    print _("Clipboard can't be opened.")


  22. hello

    spe looks great but i cannot get it running under windows xp. i downloaded SPE-0.8.4.f-wx2.6.1.0.tar.gz and installed it per usual but it gives the following error when i try to run it

    ImportError: No module named pychecker

    any suggestions?

  23. Try SPE 0.8.4.f

    Also you need to file a bug in berlios for this. You have to include the output of:

    python --debug

  24. Hi, thanx to Stani for this great job.

    But there is a little problem,
    svn and are down for about to day at least.
    Can anyone upload last build for win32 to some kind of file share service?
    thank you

  25. Hi, i want use your python program for create a rpm for Fedora, can u said which Licence use and where is LICENCE README text

  26. @jonathan:
    Please email directly at with the email service of google (gmail).

  27. Hi,
    I had debugging problems with spe 0.8.3 so I switched to spe 0.8.4.c. Now winpdb is ok, thanks for fixing it.
    However I could not change font colors, is there any way to do it?

  28. I'm running 0.8.4, and it seems much more stable than the last version. I have just noticed (I'm running it on Ubuntu Hardy) that it continually runs at about 20% on my cpu, even when I'm not using it. Any idea why it would do that? The specs are as follow:

    Spe version
    Python version
    2.5.2 (2.3 required)
    wxPython version ( required)

    I have five tabs open right now...

  29. Ah - now I will try SPE 0.8.4.c! Sorry, I didn't notice the minor-minor version number.

  30. Hi Stani.

    First of all, thank you very much for SPE editor, this is a very good editor, it seems to be the best.

    I have upgraded to Ubuntu Hardy and installed SPE 0.8.4.f

    but, it works poor than the version 0.8.3c

    I have reinstalled the 0.8.3 version since in the 0.8.4f the stcStyles (Idle style) does not work properly, is this feature dropped from SPE ?

    Also, the options to hide/show the side bar are not saved properly when exiting and restaring SPE.

    Sincerely yours,

    José Antonio Martín H.

  31. Hi Stani,

    Is there a place where we can report bugs ?

    Could you set a Trac wiki, it does bugzilla, wiki, link to svn... It is really useful and would help to give to SPE a real structure

    I got a bug but the output from the consol is a bit too large to be pasted here...


  32. Rsrsrs, well, i miss project management and html love in spe. Django development with it is yet not so nice. But, i love it for desktop development! =D Spe kicks ass!
    Great work Stani

  33. SPE is best !

  34. Good morning, I started using SPE and I foud it a very good program.

    I just found a problem: when and I use the find function and I click on a result, the program does not points to the correct line I have parts of the code collapsed.

    Am I doing something wrong or it could a bug in the program?


  35. very good IDE !!
    the best of all!!

  36. So bittersweet! At first when I upgraded to 0.8.4 I was excited that a bug launching the debugger was fixed. yay!

    Only then I noticed that you can't change the colors in the editor in preferences. boo!

    Please tell me the colors can still be adjusted, and that the interface for doing so just changed from the last version.

  37. Hello,

    After much trying and testing IDEs, I've found SPE to be the closest to what I need. Until now it was SciTE.

    So SPE is great (thanks Stani), but I can't drag'n'drop text inside the editor (from one spot to another within the code). I'm on Windows XP SP3, WxPython 2.8, SPE 0.8.4.c.


  38. Hi,
    For those of you who can't load SPE (bounces on the dock and eventually disappears without any message), you just have to install WxPython.

    Pay attention to install the version that suits with your Python version. i.e: If you have Python 2.5, you'll need this file: "wxPython[...]py2.5.dmg".

    In order to check your Python version, navigate to "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/" and look at the name of the next subfolder. In my case, 2.5, so the file I downloaded was:


  39. Hi Stani,
    trying to move from Eclipse/Eric4 to SPE (0.8.4.h on last ubuntu), I have some troubles :
    - none of the "Help" menu entries works, except where we have to donate :/ the others seem to point to invalid URLs
    - Can't find how to change the colors and fonts of def, class, import, normal text, comments, ...
    - how can we have auto-completion and tooltips of our owns packages?
    Thanks to help me, I really appreciate to try SPE at its right value

  40. @Lionel
    - invalid urls: this is not a problem of the application, more of the website for which I need to find time to relaunch it
    - changing colors is not supported unless you edit manually sm/wxp/
    - just make sure they are in your python path, so that a normal "import package" works


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