Monday, October 22, 2007

SPE 0.8.4.b works fine in Ubuntu Gutsy

The latest version of SPE 0.8.4.b works very well in Ubuntu Gutsy. It is available through subversion. However the repository package is outdated, as it is still on 0.8.2.a What SPE needs to solve this issue is a Debian packager with love for python. This is the related bug on launchpad, from which I quote Scott:
"Ubuntu gets this package from Debian and it appears that it's been orphaned in Debian.
(...) it'd be hugely helpful if someone concerned about spe would adopt it in Debian. There is a Debian Python Applications Team with active DD support, so you need not be a DD to do this."
If you are not a packager it would be nice if you leave your comment on the launchpad bug.
So this gets more attention and will be fixed sooner as there is more demand. If someone steps up to package this for debian, I will release a new version of SPE.


  1. 1. Could you link to the place where you'd like us to leave a comment?

    2. I just installed the svn version on my Ubuntu 7.10. It seems to run okay, but it seg faults when it quits.

  2. Would someone mind making .deb binary even if there's no plan to get it into the main Ubuntu repository?


  3. Hi there, I watch the incorrect behaviour, but haven't read the entry about the subject (go directly to get the command to get SPE from SVN), but I post my findings here

    Also I have a question, there is a IRC channel that we can join??

    @daniel: Then the question should be, how to make a deb package? (I guess is possible the automatization, but there is also other packagers like autopackage, thought dont know if is really "auto" lol).

  4. @daniel+anonymous: To quote Skott: "it'd be hugely helpful if someone concerned about spe would adopt it in Debian" Apparently nobody is concerned. Further questions should be asked on the launchpad bug:

    @david: You can ask your question here. If it is private, you can contact me by email.

  5. @stani:
    I ended up putting the _spe folder from the subversion repository into my python2.5/site-packages directory. That works fine.

    Only other modification I needed was to create /usr/bin/spe again since I had removed the previous spe installation using synaptic.

    I wouldn't say I don't care. It's just that it's not simple and it's beyond my knowledge/skill set to setup a debian package. I like SPE and it's worth it for me to set it up for myself (I did after all); but the .deb is beyond me a little bit.


  6. @daniel
    There is no need to place it in site-packages. You can also just place the _spe folder somewhere in your home as you don't need root access there, which is better for updates.
    Don't worry I was not targetting you. I just wanted to say if nobody packages, there is no package.

  7. @stani:
    Then you'd have to add your home directory to either the system path or the python path?

    And then add some kind of executable to the user path also (instead of being in /usr/bin)?

    Sorry, I'm a bit new to Linux in general.

    That sounds like an interesting plan.

    I am interested in other users being able to use SPE too though.

  8. @daniel: Haha, no you even know too much about linux already. SPE is a program, not a library so it is designed also to work outside site-packages.

    I give more details. Let say you put '_spe' in your home folder (= '~/_spe' or in my case /home/stani/_spe). You can then create an application launcher on your desktop/panel/menu... with the command line:
    python /home/stani/_spe/

    So no need to fiddle with pythonpath or /usr/bin.

  9. I have created a .deb package from the latest SVN snapshot. It installs and runs OK on my PC, although I had to make a few minor corrections as there were some indentation errors in one of the source files. Stani, please email me for further information - I would be very happy for my installer to be distributed.


  10. Hi Chris,
    That is good news! I am preparing the new release of SPE. Please contact me by email.

  11. Sent an email to your yahoo address - hope it works..

  12. @stani:

    Ahh I see. I was thinking that it made sense or *should* have SPE available from just typing "spe" into the command line. But your description makes a lot of sense.


  13. I'm annoyed that the Debian maintainer didn't get the right version.

  14. I woul like to try the subversion version. I get a connection refused with trying svn://, and a PROPFIND 405 Method not allowed for http:// or https:// access. I'm coming from a US ATT DSL line. Thoughts?

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  16. Hi,
    I'm using spe version 0.8.4.b and I really like it. But I have a question. Is it possible to set autocomplete for pygtk widgets? For example if I do self.button = self.wTree.get_widget('button')
    self.button.g then it gives me all the possibilities or isn't this possible with the scintella editor?

  17. @Michael:
    Due to the conflict with wx, SPE can't provide autocompletion for gtk.

  18. @Michael

    Try importing the module you're developing and you can use autocomplete on the shell. Still being faster than looking into the PyGTK docs ;)

    I think it's because with "get_button" you can get any GTK widget, so the object's type is assigned in execution time and there's no way to know it otherwise than executing that line.

    PS: Sorry for my English

  19. I would like to make a package (PKGBUILD) for ArchLinux too. I have tried with 0.8.3.c version but it does not work because of wxpython version. It's working fine from subversion checkout, but I think it'll be interesting to make some stable releases (just of tar.gz file) on scheduled (or not scheduled) dates. Do you plan to release a stable tar.gz file even if there's no a .deb package?

  20. I've just installed the latest SPE on my PPC G4 PowerBook running Leopard.

    There are some issues. ;-)

    Where do I go to file bugs for that platform?

  21. Hi Stani,

    great work, thx a lot!
    I'm out of money, but I hope, my 5 € will be seen as a sign of good will...

    Thanks a lot for this grear Editor!

    Good night

  22. I'm a linux user behind firewall. That caused me can't download by svn. Could you provide http access tgz file?

    I don't use Ubuntu, I use archlinux. So I can't got the spe. :(

  23. I ran
    svn checkout svn://

    and got version v0.8.2a

    where is vesion 0.8.4.b?



  24. mtnpaul: Make sure you removed the previously installed spe first. I had the same problem as you until I did.

  25. i downloaded spe using adept yesterday on kubuntu gutsy 64bit. i started spe by typing spe in the run dialog box. however it fails to start. the taskbar button shows for the window...the spinning hourglass comes for some time and then some small size window frame flashes too quickly and it closes. i supposed downloading via apt/adept would take care of dependencies also.
    also i found that a lot of the packages i installed via adept did not create entries in the k menu. there is no easy way to check out all the new programs installed unless i remember their names.

    please help.

    p.s for the time being, i did get eric and boa-constructor to install and work properly...just wanted to test em n keep one.


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