Friday, June 8, 2007

Latest wxGlade in SPE subversion

I've uploaded the latest wxGlade cvs into the subversion repository of SPE.


  1. I cannot connect with TortoissSVN, The erros are the same in the Download Post.
    mach = WinXP sp2

  2. I have no problems here. If the problem persists, send me an email privately and I'll send you.

  3. I cannot get svn to work. I am using Redhat 4 el. What gives? I am doing exactly as the line says.

    thanks in advance,


  4. Hey Stani, this is the error message I get: "Error: Can't connect to host '': A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. "
    I should note that I am in the North Eastern Part of the US. I get the same error when I try from home.

  5. I tried using this on Windows Vista but it just won't start.

    is there a way to get a debug output?

  6. i have been using SPE 0.8.3.c for a little while, as far as im concerned it blows away the competition in most aspects, but please help me with 2 things...

    1st: its really hard to find the installer for 0.8.3c for win32 with python 2.5 (i can find 2.4 easy enough, but i dont use 2.4 anymore... is there anywhere that i can get that other than subversion? i need to install it on alot of machines for my little start up company, and it would make things alot simpler if i could find the package i want easier... (i lost the installer i did find a while back)

    2nd and most important: i notice with the code completion that if you end up with a large string of code that it falls off the edge of the autocomplete popup and thus makes the function useless since there are no scrollers in that window so you could move right and see the auto complete entries available. i dont knopw yet how to program gui systems with python or i would try to patch it myself, but i think the simplest solution would either to colapse the string to the current cursor position to show the option in a way that take less space on screen or to just include a scrollbar.... since SPE has one of the best code completion systems already (even compared to the expensive proprietary IDEs), i think this is deffinately an issue that should be resolved asap for the next version.

    Thanks for the killer app Stani, keep it going strong for us and maybee ill help in developement when i learn a bit more (which i would seriously like to do)

  7. @max
    It works on Vista. You get debug output with "python --debug"

    1. Probably the python2.4 of SPE 0.8.3.cinstaller will work for python2.5 as well, because SPE is 100% python. Could you try that and report it back here? Be carefull: SPE 0.8.3.c doesn't work with wxPython2.8, use wxPython2.6
    2. You can file a bug report about it on the berlios site.

  8. i got SPE working under python2.5 and it will run on my machine mostly with wxPython2.8.....

    to be on the safe side, i installed python2.4 and wxPython2.6, now SPE is running using both that configuration and also i have set it up to run under Python2.5 with wxPython2.6 as well as another under wxPython2.8..... So, with 3 options to choose from off my start menue i should have no problems with it.... if something doesnt work using the newer releases, i have the default settings redy to go pretty readilly (especially since SPE remembers what i had open no mater which configuration i had used last)

    as for the bugs, i have started learning some wxPython, so i may be able to figure out a solution to them pretty soon (they seam theoretically to be easy fixes... i dont think im too far from learning how to solve them right now)

    i did notice a few more minor things that require tweeking though and will be submitting a bug report soon (i want to further explore them a bit so i can supply more specific info on what i found for you guys)

  9. Hi Stani -

    I'm a firsttime user, but I had no difficulty using tortoise SVN to download SPE and run it under WinXP.

    There are a couple of issues I've found so far:

    - The Run (F9) function doesn't cope with spaces in the file path under Windows.

    - The wxGlade links in the help menu are 404 on your web server.

    Thanks for your great work on SPE.

    Greg Fawcett.

  10. Heya. I tried using tortoissvn on Vista to download SPE. But I cannot connect to the server. The target machine actively refuses to connect. What am I doing wrong? Thanks


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