Monday, February 26, 2007

How to download the latest SPE from subversion

If you want to have the latest version of SPE, use subversion which is very easy. (Subversion is a way for multiple people around the world to work on the same program. It keeps the changes that they make to the source code of that program in sync with each other.) Do not forget first to uninstall your previous version of SPE! Windows users can uninstall SPE through 'Add/Remove programs' in the Control Panel (look for 'python-spe*', not for 'spe') and use a subversion client (tortoisesvn, rapidsvn) to get the latest SPE. Linux and mac users need just to copy and paste this in the terminal:
svn checkout svn://
This will create a '_spe' folder. (Do not rename it to 'spe' or another name!) From this folder you can run:
To browse the subversion repository online, surf to:

For ubuntu: to first remove SPE, type this in the terminal:
sudo apt-get remove spe kiki wxglade
To install subversion (svn), type this in the terminal:
sudo apt-get install subversion

Instructions for Tortoise SVN (thanks Richard):
1. Go to the location you want to download SPE to
2. Right click -> SVN Checkout
3. Paste svn:// into the url field
4. Click ok and it should work.
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