Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Last WinPdb debugger 1.0.9 in SPE subversion

The last version of WinPdb debugger 1.0.9 has hit the SPE 0.8.4 subversion repository. What is now especially nice is that when you debug a python file from SPE, WinPdb remembers it when you have to relaunch the script. In case you don't know WinPdb:
Winpdb is a GPL python debugger, with support for smart breakpoints, multiple threads, namespace modification, embedded debugging, password encrypted communication and speed of up to 20 times that of pdb.
What I like especially about WinPdb, is that it is perfect for gui debugging as it supports multiple threads, that you can change variables on the fly (with exec variable=new_value in the shell) and... the amazing speed for a debugger. It almost runs programs at normal speed. SPE gives you the option to start running a program normally and to let WinPdb break in from the moment you want to debug. WinPdb has been fixed for Ubuntu and Mac, so now it is the best open source python debugger for Linux, Mac and Windows.

These are all the changes of 1.0.9:
  • Bug fix of bug 1654010 - window gets bigger on every session.
  • Bug fix of bug 1373074 - 2 Window menus on mac.
  • Bug fix of bug 1654011 - clipping long path names at the left.
  • Bug fix of bug 1654009 - List indices are sorted wrong.
  • Bug fix of bug 1610393 - Problems with wx-2.7.2-msw-unicode.
  • Bug fix of bug 1481097 - "# -*- coding: " problem.
  • + fixes for tons of unreported bugs.
  • Feature request 1654155 - More compact variable list on OS X.
  • Feature request 1446799 - Restarting.
  • Feature request 1364935 - remember command line file.
In the latest release of SPE 0.8.3.c shipped with Winpdb 1.0.6 , so the changes of WinPdb might interest you as well:
  • Bug fix of bug 1358842 - Wrong terminal command in RHEL4.
  • Bug fix of bug 1559668 - not work with Ubuntu Dapper 6.06.
  • Bug fix of bug 1476311 - script launch fails with gnome-terminal.
  • Bug fix of bug 1492500 - Filtering should work anywhere.
  • Bug fix of bug 1445514 - Doesn't work with *.pyw scripts.
  • Bug fix of bug 1491470 - Slightly difficult to use a custom terminal in rpdb2.
  • Bug fix of bug 1546181 - Sort names alphabetically.
  • Bug fix of bug 1481097 - "# -*- coding: " problem.
  • Fixed exception handling on CPython 2.4.x and CPython 2.5.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with wxPython 2.7.


  1. stani, I downloaded and installed wxpython2.6 and SPE 0.8.4b today on Ubuntu Edgy Eft. Everything went well so far and I hope to start using SPE to teach myself Python. Keep it up!

  2. Dear Stani,
    In the last SVN version (0.8.4d) there is a problem with wxPython autocompletion. When you do "wx." you get the list of possibilities but the cursor is situated in the last, in-program defined items of the list not at the beginning. If you continue f.ex. with "wx.F" I dont get "wx.Frame": the list closes instead.
    SPE 0.8.4a works OK.
    All the best, Joaquin

  3. Really good job Stani, SPE has became one of the best free IDEs for Python...(Cant compare with non-free ones). Great thing is that i can use it on my windows and linux computers.


  4. Stani I love you editor. I became familiar with it thru the web site.
    There are two problems I hope you can address.
    #1 I am a windows user. Will your latest svn version work for windows as well as linux
    #2 How does one use tortisesvn to download the latest version.
    #3 Is there any other way of sending you a donation other then paypal. I tend not to like paypal becasue of the lag they have between sending a payment and taking it out of my account.


  5. @Black Moderate
    1 SPE is fully cross-platform. SVN works also on Windows.
    2 Instructions for tortoise svn are in the comments of the subversion link at the left.
    3 If you send me a mail, I'll send you my bank account. You'll get the manual and the latest SPE, zipped from subversion, if you want.

  6. I just discovered SPE and really like this IDE but am having trouble with the debugger. When I click the button to debug, Winpdb starts up and I see this in the console:

    *** Password has been set to a random password.
    *** Spawning debuggee...
    *** While attempting to find debuggee, at least one debuggee denied
    *** connection because of mismatched passwords. Please verify your password.
    *** Debugee failed to start in a timely manner.

    What do I need to do to get debug working properly?

  7. nevermind, I had gotten 0.8.3 because that's the latest version with a Windows installer, but apparently this bug was already fixed because I just tried 0.8.4 and the debugger works fine.


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